Royal Touch Golden Retrievers


Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in a Golden Retriever Puppy.  If you are thinking of acquiring a Golden Retriever puppy from me, that process begins by completing this questionnaire. I would ask that you carefully review my website, many common questions can be answered at (FAQ tab), you can also look over the contract which is under (Puppy Contract).  The contract will not need to be filled out until  shipping or picking up the puppy. These questions are intended to give me a basic idea about you , your family and what kind of home the puppy will be going to. And, what  your intentions with the Golden Retriever Puppy is. Please be as complete as you can with the questionnaire and fill in every question. Feel free to e-mail, call, text me separately with any additional information that you think may be helpful. I will respond to every questionnaire after its emailed to me or mailed to me and get back to you on getting a puppy. If you do not receive a response it is likely that I did not receive your questionnaire and I would ask that you write me as a follow up saying you did send me one and you can try sending it to me again(my email address and mailing address is under Contact Us).  Thank you for your time in completing and submitting the questionnaire. The Questionnaire is confidential and will be stored in my records.

BE AWARE of any buyer that won't ask you questions except how to pay for your dog. They are obviously only breeding for money and not for the betterment of the breed.


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