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Royal Touch Golden Retrievers


Champion of Russia "Richard"- is a Beautiful Snow White English Cream Golden Retriever imported in from Europe. Richard is a very large English Cream Golden Retriever weighing 107 Ibs with gorgeous black pigment. He has a long shiny gorgeous straight coat and not wavy. He is almost PERFECT in every way. He is calm and gentle and loves everyone.  He has one of the sweetest personalitys and loves giving you his paws and lots of kisses. Richard absolutely loves water and loves to go swimming at the lake and playing catch with kids. He also loves cuddling on couch with you, always wanting someone to love on him. He has the best pedigree we have seen in this country. He has near perfect health clearances including an incredible Hip and Elbow, cardiologist heart clearance.

He is absolutely stunning and producing incredible looking large, white, blocky puppies with black pigment. Puppies are all very healthy, strong and very smart. Puppies that are show, therapy and loving companions. This young Golden Retriever Stud comes to us accumulating the efforts of generations of breeders looking for perfection in the english golden retrievers and not profit. They are looking to improve better looking english cream golden retrievers. Richard's background is of multiple national champions, international champions and World champion Golden retrievers, and genetic lines that are very rare in this particular combination. These lines also produce Golden Retrievers with temperaments that are amazing, trusting, loving, and wanting to please.

This is where the true value lies in our Golden's, a lineage that will continued to improve the European Golden Retrievers in the US. This young male and the lines of his heritage speaks for itself! Outstanding European genetic lines. Heavily embedded are Polish, Swedish, British, and English lines!  He will come to us possessing a pedigree that is proven to not only pass on but improve in quality from generation to generation. A lineage that has continued to improve the European Golden Retrievers. and will continue through this rare young Golden retriever stud.


Champion of Russia

Richard at only 1 year old!