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Our home is located 45 minutes N from Lexington, KY. in Jeffersonville, Kentucky.  We specialize in producing Therapy, Pet and Show Goldens. We produce The Very Best Exquisite "Top" AKC World Champion Bloodline in European English Creams and The Very Best Exquisite "Top" AKC World Champion Bloodline of American and Canada Golden Retrievers. Our dogs come from the best pedigrees in the world. A champion pedigree gives you the assurance that our puppies have the temperament and health that the Golden Retriever is so famous for. We as “top breeders” breed with only the betterment of the breed in mind verses a profit of any kind. We are thrilled, that with all the kennels you could research, you have chosen us to receive more information from.

We are here 24/7 to answer all of your questions about our Goldens. We are glad to receive emails, texts or phone calls if you have any questions. We love each and every one of our goldens in their own way. We can tell you everything about each ones personality down to their favorite treat. It's very sad and heartbreaking for us as "breeders" to see puppy mills and backyard breeders. Breeders that get rid of their retired females, just because she can’t make money. It's also heartbreaking for us to see unwanted animals in local shelters, pounds, rescues. We are a family that has devoted time and have given money to helping unwanted animals at our local humane society by finding them forever homes. We encourage everyone to help out as much as you can. You can also acquire a dog from a rescue, pound, or shelter to go along with your beautiful golden puppy. (See FAQ for more information). As you will see we are completely different and don’t believe in cruelty towards any animal. 

We believe in caring and loving your dogs with all your heart.


I do receive a lot of inquiries each week and generally all of my puppies are spoken for before they are born. Our puppies are usually in loving approved homes at 8 weeks. We encourage you to make your reservation very quickly if you are interested. We have superb puppies in the light to almost pure white on the European English Cream Golden Retrievers and a beautiful rich golden color on the American and Canadian Golden Retrievers. You will be placed on the waiting list in the order of when I have received your deposit, after you have completed our questionnaire and been approved. 

We sell only the best bloodlines from Romania, Netherlands, Europe, Russia and Canada. It took us awhile to develop friends and connections in these top bloodlines. We provide families with goldens that are top quality, well socialized, healthy, intelligent and temperament tested. 


Everyone must fill out our questionnaire when interested in a puppy we will review it and make sure you’re a good fit with one of our puppies and contract before purchasing a puppy.

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